Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Down

The rush to cosmetics by physicians ranging from ER doctors to Pediatricians has been amazing. But, is there a cosmetics bubble?

Some plastic surgeons … are seeing a drop-off in patient consultations, which is ‘usually a little bit of a precursor to lighter surgical calendars maybe 45 to 60 days out.’ … [B]reast-implant maker Mentor Corp. in Santa Barbara, Calif., says the surgeons … have noticed a drop in patient interest.

As long as the economy continues to slow, discretionary spending for cosmetic procedures will likely tighten. A potential benefit? You might be able to get in to see your physician sooner for that rash.

2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Down”

  1. I, for one, find the decline in cosmetic procedures refreshing news. Sorry, doc, nothing personal… I just think this area of “medicine” has evolved to unhealthy epidemic proportions and include myself as one of its unfortunate victims.

    Best wishes!

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